Material Assistance and Housing

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Advocacy for housing

Agencies advocating for the construction, renovation, accessibility, as well as improvement in the availability of rental housing or low-income housing, especially for people on a low-incomes or with functional limitations.

Donation pick-ups

Organizations picking up donated items from homes and businesses. This service may vary, the choice to pick up items or not is entirely at the discretion of the agencies and depends on the availability of the truck and the storage space.


Programs and emergency assistance provided in the event of a disaster.

Housing cooperatives and corporations

Programs that provide support for the development, finance and management of a mix of decent and affordable housing.

Housing search assistance

Programs that maintain lists of available low-cost apartments or assign a staff member to assist people who are looking for housing.

School supplies

Programs that pay for or provide supplies required for classes during back-to-school season.

Thrift stores

Programs that accept new or secondhand clothing, household goods and furniture and sell them to raise money for their activities.

Used articles donation

Programs that provide new, reconditioned or seconhand clothing and furnishings for homes or apartments to people in need. This service may vary, the choice of giving or selling items is entirely at the discretion of the agencies.