Physical Disability

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Adapted work and employability support

Work centers adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities: vocational integration, job retention and return to school.

Advocacy for people with a physical disability

Advocacy and promotion of the interests of people living with a physical disability: promotion of universal accessibility.

Deaf and hearing impaired

Promotion and representation agencies for the deaf and hearing impaired, in all operating segments.

Language disorders

Support programs for people with language disorders, providing information, promotion, representation and advocacy services.

Mobility aids

Programs that provide equipment or other products which enhance the ability of people who have physical or sensory impairments to move about with greater comfort and ease.


Paratransit services, via buses or taxis, to facilitate travel for people with physical disabilities.

Recreation and camps

Promotion and development of recreation and sport for the integration of people with an intellectual disability. Specialized and adapted camps appropriate for this clientele.

Respite services and housing

Agencies offering on-site or home respite to the families of people living with an intellectual disability.

Support Associations

Help and support associations assisting people with a physical disability and their families. Accompaniment in their efforts to have access to various services: information and referral, equipment loans, etc.

The Blind

Promotion and representation agencies for the visually impaired, in all operating segments.

Therapy and rehabilitation centres

Adaptation and rehabilitation services to support the social participation of persons with physical disabilities.