Psychosocial support

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Bereavement self-help and support groups

Mutual support groups whose members are people who have experienced the loss of a loved one.


Support services for caregivers: respite care, self-help and support groups services available to offer listening and information in order to improve their living conditions.

Crime and violence prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of violence, abuse and crime through a variety of educational interventions.

Domestic violence

Agencies assisting women and men victims of domestic violence by providing shelter and transition housing, phone listening or external counselling and support services.


General or specialized hotlines offering active listening, information and referral, and in some cases immediate support for crisis situations.


Programs that provide adult companionship, guidance or role models for youth who are from families in which adults are absent or available on an inadequated basis or who are troubled and at risk for deliquency.

Sexual assault and incest

Support for sexual violence victims in various forms: phone listening, individual meetings, support groups, accompaniment and advocacy. Prevention programs on sexual violence and intervention among sex offenders or those likely to become abusers.

Support for perpetrators

Programs that provide therapeutic interventions for individuals who are involved in a persistent pattern of violence which is directed against their partner.

Support for victims

Crime victim assistance centres (CAVACS) providing free primary care services, as well as information and support at all stages of court processes.

Therapy and counselling

Therapy, psychology and sexology services through various means: individual, couple, family or group counselling.