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centre d'action bénévole de gatineau (le)
42 Gatineau Avenue, Gatineau, Outaouais, QC, J8T 4J3
Service description: Volunteer Centre. Seniors Meals on wheels. Carrefour d'information pour Aînés: information and assistance with administrative procedures, offered on site, by phone or at home. PAIR program: personaliz... More +
Offer detail: *
centre d'action bénévole de gatineau (le) - accompaniment-transportation
42 Gatineau Avenue, Gatineau, Outaouais, QC, J8T 4J3
Service description: Transportation and accompaniment to errands and medical appointments by volunteers.
Offer detail: Vaccination: Transportation and accompaniment to the vaccination clinics is provided under the same terms as the regular service. 8/6/2021
centre social d'aide aux immigrants - lachine
735 Notre-Dame Street, Lachine, Montréal, QC, H8S 2B3
Service description: Reception and integration. Information and guidance. Consultation and individual support.  Assistance and support in administrative steps. Tax clinic.
Offer detail: Covid-19: office open by appointment only. 22/02/2021
inter-val 1175
Service description: Short-term housing. Individual and group counselling with or without housing. Discussion and sharing groups. Group activities. Follow-up with a youth worker and post-housing follow-up. External servic... More +
Offer detail: Covid-19: In-person reception is canceled by phone reception is maintained. 25/03/2020