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Language disorders
Quebec Sign Language (QSL)
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maison grise de montréal (la)
Service description: Medium-term housing for a maximum of 24 months including weekly psychosocial follow-up aiming to empowerment. Psychosocial counselling: domestic violence, relational problem, anxiety, addiction, depre... More +
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maison le prélude (la)
Service description: Shelter for women victims of domestic violence. Reception. Housing. Individual follow-up, support and accompaniment. Youth counselling. Information and referrals. Post-housing follow-up and out-patien... More +
Offer detail: *For all needs related to housing for survivors of domestic violence, we suggest you contact S.O.S Violence Conjugale. If you call 211, we will transfer you to their helpline.*
mam - autour de la maternité
2060 Holmes Street, 2nd floor, Longueuil, Montérégie, QC, J4T 1R8
Service description: Welcoming, accompaniment and information for women and their families throughout the perinatal period. Telephone pairing with an experienced godmother. Prenatal meetings. Yoga courses with baby. Breas... More +
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metropolitan montréal deaf community centre
2200 Crémazie Boulevard East, Suite 203, Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension, Montréal, QC, H2E 2Z8
Service description: ASL (American Sign Language) and voice interpretation. Information for deaf people, mostly with limited education and unemployed. Advocacy of rights and interests. Assistance in communication and supp... More +
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Service description: Housing for women. Individual and group counselling. Support and accompaniment in the process and with procedures. Telephone counselling. External follow-up with women. External follow-up with mothers... More +
Offer detail: *For all needs related to housing for survivors of domestic violence, we suggest you contact S.O.S Violence Conjugale. If you call the 211, we will transfer you to their helpline.* 22/11/2022
programme addiction outreach
Service description: 3 to 6 months intensive outpatient therapy followed by social reintegration. Drugs, alcohol and gambling addiction treatment in individual and external follow-up. Prevention and education. Crisis inte... More +
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quebec network for social inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing persons
7240 Waverly Street, Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension, Montréal, QC, H2R 2Y8
Service description: Provincial advocacy organization for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in Quebec. Raising awareness. Information. Training.
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rea foundation
6300 de Darlington Avenue, Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal, QC, H3S 2J4
Service description: Foundation grouping three physical rehabilitation centres: Centre de réadaptation Lucie Bruneau, Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal, Institut Raymond-Dewar. Support to physical rehab... More +
regroupement des associations de personnes handicapées de l'outaouais
115 Sacré-Coeur Boulevard, Suite 210, Gatineau, Outaouais, QC, J8X 1C5
Service description: Advocacy and promotion of the interests of people living with a physical or intellectual disability or autism and their caregivers. Welcome and referrals. Awareness-raising events.
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regroupement des organismes de promotion des personnes handicapées de laval
387 des Prairies Boulevard, Suite 017, Laval-des-Rapides, Laval, QC, H7N 2W4
Service description: Representation. Social mobilization and political action. Advocacy. Popular education.
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regroupement des usagers du transport adapté et accessible de l'île de montréal
6363 Hudson Road, Suite 152, Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal, QC, H3S 1M9
Service description: Promotion and rights advocacy for public transport users with functional limitations. Information and awareness. Accompaniment and individualized follow-up in the submiss
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469 Jean-Talon Street West, Suite 412, Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension, Montréal, QC, H3N 1R4
Service description: Feminist liaison and knowledge transfer organization. Training, consultation and research. Request form: cliquer ici
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125 Jacques-Cartier Street North, Suite 11, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Montérégie, QC, J3B 8C9
Service description: Help, support and assistance for people living with deafness, their families and loved ones. Help with communication. Information and referral. Services and activities that promote the autonomy and de... More +
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sdem semo montérégie
365 Saint-Jean Street, Suite 125, Longueuil, Montérégie, QC, J4H 2X7
Service description: Support for training, integration and job retention. Preparatory employment program. Adapted training: office clerk, customer service in the food industry and maintenance, animal welfare counsellor, s... More +
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sdem semo montérégie - châteauguay
120 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard, Suite 202, Châteauguay, Montérégie, QC, J6K 3A9
Service description: Support for training, integration and job retention. Preparatory employment program. Job search assistance. Vocational guidance for clients already registered only.
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