Des activités pour la semaine de relâche à Laval

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Women’s Centres

Still today, women face different realities. Fortunately, there are different types of centres and organizations whose mission is to help them. The main types of specialized organizations include shelters for abused women, sexual assault support centres, and a few health-care centres.

In addition to these more specialized organizations, there are what is commonly referred to as women’s centres. These centres with a broader mission provide women with a place of belonging, support and action. Using these different facets, women can develop their autonomy. Some 60 centres of this type are active in the Greater Montreal area at the moment. Although activities often meet several needs simultaneously, the following categories of services can be identified: psycho-emotional support, material assistance, social and recreational activities, educational activities and collective mobilization.

Psycho-Emotional Support

In most centres, it is possible to talk with a practitioner who can listen, give emotional support and counselling. Some centres even offer a listening line that allows women to talk with a practitioner without having to go anywhere. Practitioners are also able to refer women to additional services when needed. Furthermore, several centres organize support groups allowing women to talk and support each other. Some support groups are general and some are more specific.

Material Assistance

Various complementary services are offered - it depends on the means and needs identified by each centre: it can be computers, libraries, community gardens, second-hand shops, daycares or collective kitchens. These services allow women to save and meet their basic needs.