Coopérative de solidarité en soutien à domicile de la MRC L'Assomption


The Coopérative de solidarité en soutien à domicile de la MRC de l’Assomption is a non-profit social entreprise that offers home care services to seniors for as long as they need support. Caregivers and families can also have access to their services. To be part of the Coopérative and have access to their services, one must pay a social part. It is payable once and is reimbursed after the services have stopped.

The Coopérative serves the citizens of the MRC de L’Assomption, but particularly these persons:

  • Senior person
  • Handicapped person
  • Sick adult or convalescing
  • Adult in a temporary or permanent loss of autonomy
  • Adult taking care of a parent, another family member, or a friend
  • Families and adults that wish to get involved in the Coopérative

 The Coopérative offers many services: 

  • Housekeeping: dusting, floor washing, folding and ironing clothes, etc.
  • Programme l’Appui: this program is intended to a caregiver of a senior who needs a spontaneous respite. 
  • Programme Pair: this service offered freely to members of the user group of the Cooperative, with automated calls to seniors at predetermined hours, once or at a few times a day, to check on their condition. 
  • Thorough housekeeping: window cleaning, washing of walls and ceilings, etc.

The Coopérative en soutien à domicile de la MRC L’Assomption is recognized by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux. Rates for services vary according to the type of service, the age of the person in need, their health and family income.

For more information:


Centre à Nous, Pavillon Richelieu 50 Thouin street, suite 248-A Repentigny, (Quebec),  J6A 4J4

T: 450-581-4621 F: 450-581-3760

Web site: 


Business hours :

From Monday to Friday 7:30 à 4:30 pm


Facebook: @coopmrcassomption