Justice and Advocacy

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Advocacy groups

Advocacy for rights and interests of the employed and unemployed: information, referral and representation services.

Consumer protection and complaints

Services designed to educate and inform the general public in terms of consumer protection and complaint procedures.

Correctional services

Authorities responsible for administering prison sentences of two years or more imposed by the courts. This also includes managing institutions of various security levels and supervising offenders under conditional release.

Courthouses and tribunals

Public building housing courts and administrative offices of the penal system.

Legal assistance and information

Programs that provide information about legal services, legal counselling or representation for people who are eligible.

Professional orders and associations

Bodies representing members of the same profession: regulation of access to the profession and protection of the general public.

Support for offenders

Social reintegration programs and resources for ex-offenders: residential centres, vocational assistance and guidance, back to school, etc.