Child, Youth and Family

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Child welfare

Protection services and advocacy for children and adolescents. Support for youth in difficulty. Prevention and education programs.  

Daycare and respite

Programs that provide a period of relief for parents by offering temporary or intermittent care for the child.

Family Support

Programs offering various types of family support, including activities, workshops, support groups, mentoring and counselling.

Information on childcare services

Information, referral and complaint processing services. Childcare assistance.

Juvenile Delinquency

Programs that offer prevention activities or comprehensive social services for individuals younger than age eighteen who are at risk for or have committed delinquent acts.

Maternity support and adoption

Information, awareness and support services for maternity, family planning and adoption matters.

Parenting Education

Programs offering courses, workshops or other types of educational activities for parents or prospective parents who wish to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in their parenting role.

Recreational Activities

Leisure and sporting activities for children and families.

Youth Centres and Support

Multipurpose centres that serve as a focal point for youth in the community and which offer, at a single location, a wide variety of services and activities.

Youth Employment

Support, guidance and vocational training programs tailored to the needs of youth wishing to enter or re-enter the labor market.

Youth Shelters and Support

Programs that provide temporary emergency shelter for children and youth. Such facilities usually provide in-house support and referral to appropriate resources.