Everything you need to know on Community Services for Homeless People!

by: Marie Vaillant

If you are a social field counsellor, a community service worker, a civil servant working in a municipality, there comes a time when it is necessary to guide citizens, caregivers and homeless people towards services that can help them.

IRCGM has a directory that answers to this need, available at our office: the Directory of Community Services for Homeless People in the Greater Montreal

This directory was launched in February 2016, in a press conference at the Maison du Père, in the presence of political representatives, social field counsellors and community service workers.

Bilingual, comprehensive and unique, it is an indispensable tool for all people looking for services for homeless people helping them find ways to come through this very difficult situation.

Homelessness is preoccupying and its consequences are serious. Its aggravating problems that are associated with it (alcoholism, drug addiction and other dependencies, mental and physical health problems, to name a few) makes this social phenomenon difficult to stop. In this context, community services are clearly part of the solution. 

IRCGM’s directory approaches these themes

  • Food and material assistance 
  • Health and addictions
  • Housing, for men, women, young people and families
  • Information and Coordination
  • Reception and support
  • Transition services

For more information, call IRCGM: 514 527-1375.