Laval’s Seniors and 211

by: Marie Vaillant

Because of the leadership of Laval authorities, 211, including its telephone service, will become a reality in the coming months. First city in the Greater Montreal to provide its citizen this service, their innovative approach is totally commendable. Bravo!

But for the history books, the idea of 211 in Laval comes back to the Table régionale de concertation des aînés de Laval (TRCAL). At the start of 2013, TRCAL, that regroups 66 members, all community groups who work with seniors, got wind of this service and started proceedings that will lead to its establishment few years later. Like Mrs. Corrine Favier, Executive Director of this community group explained at the press conference launching 211 at Laval last February “I remember like it was yesterday when Mr. Rollet entered my office and asked me: ‘Mrs. Favier, do you know about the 211 service in Quebec City?’  He was there with a suggestion that could answer the needs expressed by seniors: information is everywhere, but we don’t know anymore where to address our questions!”

TRCAL, then approached the Information Centre of Greater Montreal (ICRGM). In a meeting that took place February 27, 2013, Mrs. Pierrette Gagné, Executive Director, met with the CRÉ et l’Agence de la Santé, in function at the time, and the City of Laval and explained her project to implement 211.

According to Mrs. Favier,” It is clear that a real necessity exists for centralized information in Laval to help seniors find a quick answer to their needs. Moreover, many governmental reports and research projects confirm this. The 211 service is a positive response to the importance of finding the adequate resource rapidly, at the right time.”