Maison l'Esther : to end domestic violence


Maison L’Esther offers shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Its mission is to offer safety and support to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. 

Their goals are:

  • To offer a temporary shelter that's safe, stimulating and welcoming to women and children who are victims of domestic violence, and to support women as they plan their future
  • To provide child-friendly support
  • To prevent violence within the family
  • To raise public awareness in Laval of the phenomenon of domestic violence
  • To take part in community activities

As well as the services offered during your stay, Maison L’Esther also offers external follow-up, a 24/7 phone hotline and many other services.

The regular team of Maison L’Esther is composed of 7 counsellors working with women and children, 2 persons responsable of the night watch, 2 persons working on external follow-ups, 1 administrative assistant et 1 coordonnator. To insure a constant presence in a 24/7 resource, many on-call counsellors are available to take over the regulary team in case of need.

To access the services of Maison L’Esther, to confide in someone, to obtain a safe accomodation, if you need external follow-up, you need only one phone number :  

450 963-6161.

For more information :

Web site : Maison l'Esther

Facebook page : @maisonlesther