Mercier-Est Network

Mercier-Est Network is a collective project taking place in the Mercier-Est neighborhood in concert with community and institutional partners, merchants and citizens. Mercier-Est network aims to break citizens’ isolation by creating solidarity networks. We want to bring together as many people as possible around this project to strengthen the neighborhood's social fabric!

The project, implemented since 2016, received the support, the involvement and commitment of more than twenty local partners, with an investment of more than $ 233,000.

In partnership with 211 Greater Montreal, we are proud to launch this interactive platform that aims to make the neighborhood's resources better known to all citizens. Do not hesitate to use the search engine below, as well as the community directory of local workers.

Why we are concern about citizens’ isolation?

  • Increased poverty in Mercier-Est compared to the rest of Montreal. Increase of 6.7% since 2007 and decrease of 11% in the Montreal area.
  • ¼ of the population lives on a low income
  • Nearly 8,000 adults are living alone, 30% of whom are elders

See organizations located in Mercier-Est

Directory of Mercier-Est Community Outreach Workers

A network of community workers guided by values of solidarity and goodwill.

Our community outreach workers are on the neighborhood’s streets to reach people that may have difficulty to access services. Working in various fields of intervention and with different age groups, outreach workers are here for you! Do not hesitate to call upon their sharp knowledge of the neighborhood (with its helpful resources), their listening and their support.

Download the list of community outreach workers of Mercier-Est.

Mercier-Est News

Directory of Community Organizations in Mercier-Est - PDF version

Still using paper? You want to keep a list handy?

No problem, download the PDF directory of community organizations in Mercier-Est.