Job search: resources for every need

By: Alexandre Haslin

The Quebec labour market is undergoing a major shift. While there is a significant labour shortage in many sectors, several barriers continue to hinder access to employment for certain groups facing several forms of discrimination. This is the case for youth, seniors, immigrants and women to name a few. Are you looking for your first job? Are you planning to re-enter the workforce? Want to change careers? Whatever your situation, there are resources to meet your needs.


Employment support

There are several organizations offering employment support. Some are intended for all audiences, while others are adapted to employ certain groups, such as seniors, youth, women, immigrants or vulnerable persons. These resources are usually free or at a low cost.


Employment of people 40 and over

There isn’t a right age to look for a new job. Whether it’s a career change, a return to the market after a long absence, or a return to work after retirement, several resources are available.

Organizations specializing in employability can assist people aged 40 and over in their job search in several ways: writing résumés, preparing for job interviews, obtaining computer access, coaching, career counselling, networking...


Youth employment

Several organizations specialize in supporting youth employment, whether it is to help them find a first job, an internship, a seasonal job or to accompany them in a reclassification.

These organizations, including Carrefours jeunesse-emploi, offer help in finding jobs or internships (résumé writing workshops, interview techniques...) or even services to artists who wish to develop a project or become self-employed. Carrefours jeunesse-emploi are generally intended for people aged 16 to 35.

Other organizations such as Intégration jeunesse du Québec offer support for the integration of unemployed people by providing them with services based on both their needs and those of the labour market, such as training, coaching, mentoring, internships, etc.


Employment of women

The labour market has changed considerably over the last few decades, with women increasingly present and better represented in senior management roles. However, the reality of women in the workplace remains different from that of men: lower pay for equal skills, discrimination, sexual harassment, difficulty balancing work and family for unwed mothers, etc.

This is why some organizations specialize in supporting and accompanying women in the labour market. This is the case of the Y des femmes de Montréal, which among its many services, offers employability assistance: career counselling, job search preparation workshops, training, entrepreneurship advice, etc.

Others, such as Action Travail des Femmes, are working across Quebec to support women with fragile socio-economic backgrounds in accessing decent jobs, particularly in non-traditional fields. Workshops are also offered regarding issues such as discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The Women’s Centre of Montréal also offers services such as job searches, career transitioning, internships…


Employment of immigrants

For newcomers, entering the labour market can be challenging: limited knowledge of the market, cultural differences, credential recognition, minimal understanding of English or French...

Le Collectif is an organization that helps immigrants integrate into the labour market and Quebec society. There are several services available: help in writing a résumé and cover letter, preparing for an interview, searching for jobs tailored to the candidate’s profile, etc. Le Collectif assists job seekers with each step in their job search, whether it be in Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec.

Several other organizations offer employment support to newcomers. This is the case for the majority of organizations listed above, whether specializing in youth employment or employment of women. Other organizations specialize in the employability of newcomers in a specific area. This is especially the case for the organization Les anges de l’espoir ACI and their program Orientation et Intégration destiné aux Médecins Diplômés Hors du Canada et des États‑Unis (DHCEU).

If you are seeking help to have your credentials recognized in Quebec, you can contact The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials or Qualifications Québec.


Difference between vocational rehabilitation and professional reintegration


Vocational rehabilitation

The vocational rehabilitation program is intended for vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, those with mental illnesses or people who abuse substances. Becoming economically self-sufficient could prove especially challenging for these groups. That is why some organizations offer appropriate support in terms of vocational assessment, adapting to work, work experience, training on in-demand skills and employment in a competitive position or a secure work environment.


Professional reintegration

Professional reintegration is for ex-offenders who need help preparing for, finding and keeping gainful employment. Several comprehensive programs can support these individuals at every step of the way.