Ukrainian nationals: resources ready for their arrival

By: Alexandre Haslin/Maria Rigas

211 is ready for the arrival of Ukrainians with collaboration from such partners as the Montréal's Newcomer Office (Bureau d'intégration des nouveaux arrivants à Montréal (BINAM).

As our counselors are getting calls from people wanting to make donations, our team of researchers is working to update our database to best meet these requests. Since this is done daily, new resources may be added in the coming weeks.

Interested in helping Ukrainian citizens? Material donations, money donations, volunteering... Contact us to know which organizations and programs would appreciate your help.

In touch with Ukrainian citizens? Contact us yourself or have them contact us. Our service is available in more than 200 languages, including Ukrainian, thanks to an interpretation service.

Newcomers will be faced with several issues with which organizations and services can help:

Did you know? We only refer callers to official organizations. Many people want to take Ukrainians into their homes. Our mission is to refer public, para-public and community organizations. For safety reasons, we cannot list and give out private home addresses.

For more information on the Ukrainian crisis and the emergency measures put in place by Canadian authorities, visit the Government of Canada website.

For more information about the measures put in place by Quebec authorities, visit the Governement of Quebec website.

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