MRC de l'Assomption: 211 services for April 10, 2017

In the month of November 2016, Mrs. Chantal Deschamps, Mayor of Repentigny and Prefect of the MRC de l’Assomption made the announcement about the implementation of the 211 information and referral service in the MRC de l’Assomption. The phone service and the website will be available in March 2017. After the City of Laval, the MRC de l’Assomption has become the first MRC territory of the Metropolitan Community to give its support to setting up 211 for its citizens.

Implementation of 211 at the MRC—that includes cities of de Repentigny, L’Assomption, Charlemagne, L’Épiphanie-Ville, Saint-Sulpice and L’Épiphanie-Paroisse—is the result of a clearly identified need formulated at the public consultations organized by the MRC on its territory in the fall and the winter of 2015. “No one doubts that 211, at the end of a phone line or directly online, as a unique integrated reference service will facilitate access to information on the many community resources. It is indeed a social gain intrinsically associated to the quality of life or our people,” declared Mrs. Deschamps, at the announcement of the incoming service.

IRCGM is very proud to collaborate with the MRC de l’Assomption and the City of Repentigny in the implementation of an integrated 211 service of the highest quality, that will guide rapidly and efficiently people to the most relevant community resources that will help them.