211 Module – Attendant Services and Accompanied Transport

This platform makes it possible to search for an attendant service, with or without transportation, for medical reasons or other reasons (e.g. utilitarian activity, leisure or civic activity).

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Attendant Services and Volunteer Transportation

Attendant Services

The dictionary defines “attendant services” as “physical assistance with routine activities of daily living which a person with physical disabilities cannot perform.”

In their context, the Montreal Attendant Services Board have the following definition which is almost identical to the one in the policy À part entière (2009).

“It is an occasional or regular service provided by an individual, aimed at minimizing the impact of a person’s functional disabilities and overcoming or eliminating the physical and social obstacles they encounter, so s/he can fully participate in activities and services s/he needs and be part of society.” (Montreal Attendant Services Board, 2002.)

More specifically, attendant services present itself:

"... in the form of assistance or standing in. Through assistance, the person is supported in carrying out his or her activities, including communication assistance, personal assistance, travel assistance, etc. Standing in is to act in the place of the person who cannot do it alone. Standing in is usually used for communication, routine activities, or maintaining the safety of the person when assistance is insufficient." (À part entière, p. 55)


Volunteer Accompanied Transportation

The Fédération des centres d’action bénévoles du Québec defines volunteer accompanied transportation as follows:

Volunteer accompanied transportation services can be defined as transportation carried out by a volunteer driver as part of the activities of a community organization duly recognized by the Health and Social Services Agency. Accompanied transportation, as its name suggests, aims to accompany anyone who needs physical support, comfort or supervision and cannot rely on his/her network to get help. This service aims primarily to satisfy the accompaniment needs an individual might have.” (Canevas pour l’établissement d’une politique, 2014)

Some organizations offer volunteer transportation for specific services such as groceries or shopping. Read the Services field carefully for the listed organizations which specifies the type of services offered.



Often prioritized because of a lack of resources, accompanied transport for medical reasons usually include accompanied transportation to the following services:

  • Institutions and organizations in the health and social services sector (private or public)
  • Health professionals (doctor, optometrist, …)

How the module works

  • First, the user (or their representative) must specify the need: attendant services, accompanied transport or accompanied transport for medical reasons.
  • Secondly, the user (or their representative) is asked to specify in which city or borough the user lives.
  • The system will then suggest organizations near the user’s home that can meet the user’s needs.
  • The user (or their representative) is invited to read the criteria of each organization and contact, depending on the case, the chosen resource.

Consult the map for accompanied transport services


Attendant services, accompanied transport service and accompanied transport for medical reasons in the Greater Montréal.