Updating your information: test our new tool!

With the goal of ensuring the most accurate information on existing services, opening hours, or even the capacity of food banks, we have developed a new form for updating our information on organizations.

We care about providing the population with the most complete and precise database. This form will make communicating between your organization and our researchers easier and accelerate the update of our database when there are changes to be made.

We want to make sure that this tool, being yours as well, works for you as much as it works for us! Which is why we ask that you begin testing it now, and share your comments with us before Friday, Octobre 22, 2021.

After the testing phase, this form will be included on our website so that any organization can make changes directly from their file.

Please check the information we have on your organization on our 211qc.ca website before filling out the form.

Please note: this form is a complementary tool and will not replace our annual and periodic updates. Our researchers will remain in contact with you to carry out such verifications.


A tool developed within the framework of an ambitious food assistance project

The last 18 months have revealed an increasing need for food assistance. In 2020 alone, we answered over 13 000 requests from Montréal’s population.

Faced with this reality, we wish to go further by acquiring new tools that will be better adapted to citizen’s needs. Thanks to the financial support from the City of Montréal, we are now developing an ambitious project which will serve a dual purpose:

  • Ensuring a constant link with organizations and various partners in the field, thus guaranteeing continuous up-to-date information on available services for food assistance, using, mainly, this new form.
  • Ensuring a follow-up with people to make sure they got help and allowing us to paint a picture of their situation.

The data, collected in anonymized form, will be shared within various think-tanks for the development of innovative solutions which will serve Montréal’s population, as well as, concerned organizations.

Your collaboration is valuable and our team is happy to be working with you so we may continue to improve our services and better meet the needs of the population.


211 Greater Montréal